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 Best Weight Loss Diet Plan?dr john mcdougall

Hey everyone, hope you are all going well this week. Recently, I’ve been really checking out the different dietary approaches to discover “The Best Weight Loss Diet Plan”. In this post, I want to consider two different approaches as offered by Dr John Mcdougall and Dr Robert Atkins. I will be referring to a really interesting interview that I found over at Dr Mcdougalls website. It was recorded sometime in the 1990’s. (I will link the full radio interview here).

Let me tell you, the two dietary approaches of these gentlemen are as different as night and day, or “Fat or Carbs!” (well you get the picture!). So let’s zoom in on the radio program and discuss some of the chief arguments. Read More

Natural Supplements for PMS

natural supplements for pms capsules


Get Your Natural Supplements for PMS in Food!

Yup, there’s a way to use natural supplements for PMS. Send Aunty Flow on a long vacation, or better yet get her to move out permanently. In my last post I talked about one of my dreadful PMS symptoms. Today I want to talk about some of the other ways to get these vitamins.. Can you guess how I’m gonna do it?

Somebody shout “SMOOTHIE!!“.

Why This PMS Drink Works!

The last post I wrote on PMS contained a fair amount of discussion on vitamins. The thing about vitamin supplements is we don’t know how much exactly gets broken down and actually absorbed. We can’t know how much is going to just wind up gurgling down the toilet bowl. For example, if you were to swallow a magnesium oxide supplement, the actual amount that you absorb may be as low as 4%. So while you think you are taking in an adequate supply of minerals, the actual amount you are using may be far from what you thought.

With smoothies or juices, you get close to the most bio-available vitamin possible. In the manufacturing of synthetic vitamins, you have a bunch of scientists trying to create the vitamin. They hope that your body will be tricked into believing it is food and assimilating its properties. Read More

woman needing vitamins for pms

Vitamins For PMS!


Vitamins Are Vital for PMS!

Ok ladies, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged I admit!But here I am and today I want to discuss with you why it’s so important that we get adequate vitamins for PMS.

What Are The Symptoms and Why Vitamins For PMS?

Well, if you’re asking those questions I’m sort of wondering why on earth you’re reading this article in the first place, LOL! If you are a woman and you have PMS you have most likely noticed that once a month in the 7 – 10 days before aunty flow graces you with a visit it does seem like some unreasonable calamity has fallen upon you! The following is a list of symptoms experienced by some (most) of us ladies. Read More

Bone Boosting Smoothie

bone boostingsmoothie

Why I Started Making Bone Boosting Smoothies

Ever since going through the joys of pregnancy and childbirth for the first time, I have struggled with back pain… and shoulder pain… and well generally.. pain. The things that the female body go through are nothing short of miraculous and can certainly wreak some havoc!

After pregnancy my lower back pain increased and so I had a doctor look at it. I then discovered that I had scoliosis. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that usually develops during adolescence, but up till now had exhibited no symptoms and quite frankly hadn’t bothered me in the slightest!

After studying up on scoliosis, I learned that to prevent my back from getting worse would involve a specific focus on nutrition and exercise. I immediately implemented certain exercises that I could manage, even starting with simple ones found on youtube. Other stretches that I found that provided great relief were exercises on my ‘total gym shaper’. The relief was pretty much instant! Read More

green juice and morning sickness

Green Juice and Morning Sickness

Drink Green Juice and Avoid Morning Sickness

By now we all know that morning sickness and even worse hyperemesis gravidarum are caused by multiple pathways and that pretty much new theories on it are cropping up constantly. HOWEVER, I believe that for those of us who have suffered with either of these malaises, it is necessary to get the body into an alkaline state and reverse any fatty liver issues before getting pregnant.

For me and the juices that I have been doing lately, I view them more like a bio identical nutrient supplement, to increase the amounts of nutrients and alkalising properties that I can get in my diet in a day. In three months you can change your red blood cells and so what I am attempting to do, is to take green juices for a minimum of three months (up to 500ml a day) increasing alkalinity, changing red blood cells for the better.

I make my green juice in bulk for several days and then pour it into mason jars and put in the freezer. If you don’t go over the line of demarcation in your mason jars, they will not crack. By doing it this way, I can take a jar out in the morning and defrost it for a few hours. Read More

South Beach Diet Review


Introduction To South Beach

The The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss
sold millions of copies over a decade ago and has been popular ever since. Arthur Agatson, author of “the South Beach Diet” is a cardiologist in Miami, Florida. In his practice, Agatston found that both obesity and diabetes seemed to be the common link, often appearing before heart disease. A “healthy” diet and losing weight was the most logical solution to this epidemic.

In the 1980’s it did seem that the ‘low fat’ diet was the chosen vehicle to  prevent and reverse all heart disease. Agatson jokes that at the time he thought that as a cardiologist he would ‘go out of business’ and that he should switch to a specialty like plastic surgery instead :). It wouldn’t be long however, until Agatston discovered this low fat diet that his patients followed resulted with an initial drop in weight and cholesterol and a subsequent gain in both. This was not good for heart patients and was not the solution.

We know now that when the low fat dieting became mainstream, low fat food made it’s debut. Taking the natural fat out of foods and substituting them with more processed ingredients (like sugar), dieters began to crave more sweet, low fat foods that sadly and ironically would not result in their weight loss goals. Arthur Agatson came to the “AHA!” moment that Robert Atkins must have had a few decades earlier. A basis of protein dense foods and healthy fats seemed in many cases to actually enable weight loss…as well as improve blood chemistry. Read More

preventing hyperemesis gravidarum

Preventing Hyperemesis Gravidarum…

I’m assuming that if you’ve come to this page that you’ve either been through a bad experience during pregnancy involving morning sickness or hyperemesis or are currently experiencing it. I have a few updates I have found out about since I wrote my first post a few months ago. Make sure you check out my first post on hyperemesis. In this post I will focus on how to aim at preventing hyperemesis gravidarum if you have already had it previously.

Preventing Hyperemesis Gravidarum Is Better Than Curing..

I guess either would be sufficient. But the best suggestion I have here (for preventing hyperemesis gravidarum) is obviously to work on your health and your body before you get pregnant. If you are as proactive as possible you will likely have a better outcome. I know how it is to fear pregnancy so much that you avoid it and it becomes an anxiety point.. so knowledge is your best friend at times like these! Many of these suggestions are best to use to get your body into great condition before pregnancy as suggestions like drinking green juice and ph balancing was far far from me when I was in the throws of hyperemesis hell surviving on zofran..

Here are some additional steps that I recommend you follow. The first few have been mentioned in my previous article, yet I wish to recap as they are important. Read More


Nutritional Types And Body Types

Nutritional Types and Body Types – Are They Related?

This week I came across some interesting information. The idea that nutritional types are related to body types. I’ve still been a bit doubtful whether nutritional typing is very important and/or whether it really matters, but I did find this discovery to be accurate for my own physiology. So could there be a correlation between body types diets and the nutritional type diets?

Physiologically there are benefits and disadvantages to all of these body types.  The focus should always be on your advantages AND on how to get yourself in the best health ever. Read More


Why You Need To Change Your Beliefs

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

You may be wondering why today I’m writing a post all about beliefs. The truth is, our beliefs underpin our success in everything that we do in life. Whether your focus is on developing better mental health, better physical health, or if your goal is losing weight by starting up a new diet plan, chances are you need to change your beliefs!.

In an earlier post, “How You Think Is How You Feel”, I talked about our personalities and how our experiences in life can help us to change who we are. People who are more introverted, may date someone who is more extraverted and after the experience may report a personality shift of sorts. The neural pathways in the brain are permeable to change. Read More

Find Your Nutritional Type (continued)

 The Carb Conundrum


Since the last post “Find Your Nutritional Type”, I’ve had  a lot of thoughts pop into my head about nutritional typing. At the end of my post, I found myself questioning the “self assessment” part of it.

In the book,  you have to answer a questionnaire and the idea I’ve began to think about, is that there could be a substantial amount of ‘self reporting bias’ going on. When you do the questionnaire you are pretty aware straight away as to what the ‘protein’ answers are and which ones are the ‘carb’ answers. It’s also very easy to answer them with a bias towards what you ‘think’ you are (or what you want to be…). I also thought a little bit further about the reporting of those people who are insulin resistant and/or may be addicted to carbs. Read More